heavy duty incremental shaft encoder


RENCO Encoders introduces the RHDi, heavy duty incremental shaft encoder. The RHDi has been developed utilizing the latest technology to meet the most demanding industrial applications. RENCO ASIC technologies allow the RHDi to bring new levels of performance and value to Machine Tool, Packaging, and similar heavy-duty industrial motion control applications. The RHDi uses precision bearings, metal code disks, proprietary custom LED illumination, and custom Opto-ASIC circuitry to significantly raise the bar for performance in this product category. It comes with a standard 2.6” square mounting flange, and can operate in temperature extremes from 100°C to -30°C. Typical applications include textile equipment, machine control, process control, oil field applications, industrial weighing, agricultural machinery, paper industry process control, etc. NEMA 3, 13 and IP54 requirements can be met when ordered with the shaft seal.


• Operating Temp -30° to 100°C • Excursion Limits: • Storage Temp -40° to 115°C • Shock 150 G’s for 6 mS with metal disk • Vibration 20–2000 Hz @ 20 G’s • IP Rating IP65 eight .255 kg [9 oz] • Base Material Aluminum • Housing Material Aluminum • Disc Material Metal 0.05mm THK TYP for 100-5000 resolutions • Glass .7mm THK TYP for resolutions of 8000 & above • Bearing Life 108 • Revolution: Min. • Shaft Size 9.5097mm – 9.5225mm [0.3744" – 0.3749"] • Shaft Load Radial 100 lb Max. • Mounting Hardware Not Supplied • Signals Incremental plus once around index pulse • Input Voltage 5.0 VDC ± 10% Single Supply • Current See Pin Functions Table on Page 2 • Output Format A/B in phase quadrature. INDEX width & location gated with respect to data • Output Type LD = AM26C31 20 mA Source or Sink Max. • PP = Source or Sink 4 mA Max. • Output Logic Levels Logic 0 = 0.5 V Max, Logic 1 = 2.5 V Min. • Operating Frequency To 500 KHz
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