Hose Cleaning Kits


Ultra Clean hose cleaning kits, now available from Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, remove contaminants from inside hydraulic hose assemblies, thereby reducing the risk of downtime resulting from clogged filters, component malfunctions and hose failure.

The hose cutting process can distribute metal and rubber particles - even particles from the cutting wheel - throughout the hose inner tube. Also, metal flash can be left behind from the crimping process. The Ultra Clean system employs an air-powered launcher that fires projectiles through the hose to eliminate debris.

"Just blowing compressed air through the hose assembly is not entirely effective," explained Jim Henighan, marketing and support services manager for Parker's Hose Products Division. "This removes most particles but some can remain, having only been redistributed throughout the hose. The Ultra Clean projectiles, on the other hand, create a tight seal against the inside wall to capture and push out debris."

Contaminant-free hose assemblies, Henighan noted, also help customers maintain compliance with industry standards used to measure hydraulic fluid cleanliness. This further represents a potential cost savings when considered against the expense of replacing clogged filters and valves.

The Standard Ultra Clean Kit (TH6-10-HL-9-2), ideal for production hose/tube shops and mobile fabricators, tackles ¼" through 2" hose, tube or pipe. Its launcher and nozzles are manufactured from precision-machined aluminum and are fully anodized, making them suitable for harsh environments and heavy use. A Full-Flow Quick Release Coupling and unique 360° Rotary Plug supplied with the launcher ensure proper airflow and non-fatigue operator use.

The Economy Ultra Clean Kit (TH6-10-EL-7) is capable of cleaning ¼" through 1 ¼" hose, tube or pipe. Its durable brass launcher is constructed with aluminum internals and features a quarter-turn locking ring to facilitate easy nozzle change and projectile loading.

Each kit, contained within a durable black case, is remarkably portable. Both launchers require a ½" inside diameter air hose and an operating pressure between 80 PSI (5.5 Bar) minimum and 110 PSI (7.5 Bar) maximum. Parker also strongly suggests the use of a 5-micron filter and regulator with a gauge.

A variety of projectiles are available from Parker for use with different types and sizes of hose, as well as coupling configurations. Nozzles for Code 61 and Code 62 flanges, JIC and ORFS are also available if required.
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