iJet CNC High Pressure Water Deburr and Wash Center


Bertsche iJet CNC High Pressure Water Deburr and Wash Center uses an overhead 4 axis rigid high speed part transporter to move parts over a series of single point horizontal and vertical rotary nozzle stations for single feature chip burr removal and manifold stations for multiple feature deburring.

The operating principle relies on a high pressure (up to 5000psi) intensified directed water jet to blasts chips and burrs from hard to access locations inside the part as well as externally. The part is moved from station to station over one or more single fixed or rotating horizontal and vertical water jet nozzles (for single features) and manifold stations for multiple features done in single operation. Parts are not contaminated or otherwise subjected to thermal stress and residual burn-off when compared to thermal flash deburring or subjected to corrosive saline solutions when compared to ECM deburring.

For higher volume applications special multi-feature station manifolds remove chips, deburr multiple features on one or more faces.

The standard machine configuration can accept a combination of up to six single and or multi feature deburr & wash stations. The machine has a small footprint machine and can easily be integrated to external (to the machine) part conveying systems. The “From the Top” part handling system picks up parts from a conveying system, moves the part with a CNC part program through a series of high pressure custom and universal wash & deburr stations. The ability to add a pre-wash and post wash stations and part blow off and dry stations, allow parts to be fully washed, deburred, cleaned and dried all in a single machine.

Additional features include deburring complex forms through multi-axis interpolated motion. The parts can be spun with the C axis to remove residual water. The part can be indexed for 5 & 6 sided part surface washing. Unattended 24/7 operation is a standard feature. Both the part holding end-effecter and the wash stations are removable allowing the end-user to quickly reconfigure the machine when other parts need to be washed. Power, flow rate, and type of jet can be adapted to specific application needs.


• X, Y & Z Repeatability: 0.005mm (0.0002") all axes • "B" axis rotary: infinite, programmable to 0.001 degree increment • Travel: 1500mm x 400mm x 300mm (59"x15.74"x11.8") • Work zone (in wash camber): 1000x 400x 300 (39" x 15.75" x 11.8") • Rapid speed: 40m/min (1575 ipm) all axis • Acceleration: 5 m/sec2 (1/2 g) all axes. Payload up 75 kg (165 lbs)= part + end-effecter • Air Requirement: 6bar (85 psi) • CNC: Siemens/Fanuc
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