Linear Motion Track System


Accuride announces the introduction of model 115RC, a linear motion track system designed to accommodate a variety of applications. Comprised of aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages, this system is a cost-effective solution for projects that require a defined length of travel. The multi-component aspect of the 115RC System provides for flexibility in system configuration, mounting, and installation. The versatility of this product opens up a wide variety of potential applications, such as providing movement and positioning for screens, panels, and boards; or medical apparatus, machinery and manufacturing equipment. The corrosion-resistant aluminum track is available in two lengths, 47" and 94", which may be cut to the required length. 

Multiple sections may be butted together to extend the track to any distance desired. The track may be side, flat, or vertically mounted. When flat mounted, the track may be oriented with the ball carriage facing up or down. Vertical mounting is for applications calling for a non-load bearing guide. The recirculating ball carriages provide the means for movement and positioning. Multiple carriages may be inserted into tracks. Carriages may be used separately to provide independent movement, combined as a unit, or both methods within one track. 

The 115RC system carries a maximum of 265 pounds. Load rating is based on the type and number of carriages inserted into the track. There are two carriage options: the stainless steel ball carriage offers the highest load capacity. The polymer ball carriage is grease-free for clean and maintenance free operation with the added advantage of smooth and quiet movement. There are a number of features to ease installation. The tracks have drilling marks for both the fixing holes and end stops. Once the track is installed and the ball carriages are inserted, end stops are attached to keep carriages securely within the track.    


  • aluminum tracks
  • re-circulating ball carriages
  • carries a maximum of 265 pounds

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