Liquid Paint Markers


Inspired by feedback from welders and fabricators at plants, on shop floors, in steel mills and within manufacturing facilities across the country, Markal developed the PRO-LINE WP, an industrial grade liquid paint marker that answers the call for use on wet surfaces, blowing every other marker out of the water. Engineered with a permanent, fast-drying and low V.O.C. formula , Markal PRO-LINE WP Liquid Paint Markers resist spreading when in contact with water or water-based liquids, while also meeting low V.O.C. regulations.

This eco-conscious yet resilient formula makes the PRO-LINE WP line ideal for a wide range of applications across an array of industries, such as those most common to the automotive industry at manufacturing and design plants.  In addition, professionals working in die cast, machining, and stamping operations also find the high-performance marking ability of the PRO-LINE WP to be beneficial on the job. Rough or smooth, rusty or dirty surfaces, the PRO-LINE WP markers are the ultimate in wet performance.

 “We know that the environment in which metal working professionals thrive demands products and tools that can not only stand up to the heat but also to the water and water-based liquids that come with the job,” states Kevin Talbott, Market Manager for the Industrial Division of LA-CO/Markal.  “We are constantly checking in with our valued distributors and customers in the field to better understand how our products can be enhanced to help each and every professional be successful on their job, in their workplace, on their own shop floor or on the line in the plant.   The PRO-LINE WP was born from the insights and knowledge of these metal working professionals.”

The PRO-LINE WP provides the right tool for a variety of materials and industrial working conditions.  Low in halogenated compounds and sulfur, the PRO-LINE WP line uses a low corrosive formula that is safe for use on stainless steel and other super alloys. Delivering a durable, quality mark time and time again, the PRO-LINE WP performs on most types of other wet surfaces, including iron, carbon steels, aluminum, powder coating, PVC plastics, coding alloys, non-ferrous metals, textile and even rubber.  Manufactured with the industrial worker's health and safety in mind, PRO-LINE WP liquid paint markers are Xylene-free and void of any California Proposition 65, EPA HAPS or SARA 313 listed chemicals.


  • permanent, fast-drying and low V.O.C. formula
  • resist spreading when in contact with water
  • meet low V.O.C. regulations
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