Micro Nitrogen Gas Lifter


The new patented SLN.180 Micro Nitrogen Gas Lifter from DADCO provides an all-in-one approach to guided lift applications.  This robust 50 mm diameter body lifter has a keyed guide rod preventing rotation and eliminating the need for additional guidance components.  Complete with built-in dampening device, the SLN.180 is ideal for progressive stamping dies.  The SLN.180 is available with basic and slotted guide rod options for single, multi-point or rail lift operations.  DADCO’s popular Micro 180™ gas spring, housed inside the guide rod, provides reliable lifting force and facilitates quick, easy repair.  
The SLN.180 provides on-contact forces ranging from 88 lb. to 450 lb. and is available with stroke lengths from 25 mm to 125 mm.  In addition, the SLN.180 comes standard with a Keyed Narrow Flange Mount.  

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