Modular Plug-In Limit Switches


The E50 modular plug-in limit switches are reliable, low maintenance, and economically priced to lower inventory costs. These switches are complete with FKM gaskets, seals and boots, and zinc die cast enclosures to provide exceptional chemical resistance to common coolants, cleansing agents, and hydraulic fluids commonly found in machine tool, automotive, waste water treatment and other heavy-duty industrial applications. These switches have a super bright indicating LED light to simplify set-up and troubleshooting operations and are easily installable.  The E50 is ideal for material handling, conveyor systems, machining, automotive, and wastewater treatment industries. This product is CE compliant.


* Environmental Ratings: NEMA 1, 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 13, IP67 * Material of Construction: Zinc die cast * Switch Gasket Material: FKM Universal U.S./DIN Mounting * Dimensions: 30 x 60 mm (1.16 x 2.34") * Conduit Entrance: 1.2 NPT or 20 mm threading * Contact Operation: Snap action over center mechanism * Contact Material: Fine silver * Maximum Frequency of Operation: 8000 operations per hour * Mechanical Life: Side Rotary Side: 13,000,000 operations minimum Top Push: 10,000,000 operations minimum * Electrical Life: Single Pole: 1,000,000 operations typical at full load Double Pole: 100,000 operations typical at full load * Ambient Temperature Range—Standard Standard without Cable: -10 to 121°C (14 to 250°F) Standard with Cable: -10 to 105°C (14 to 221°F) Low Temperature without Cable: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F) Low Temperature with Cable: -40 to 105°C (-40 to 221°F) * Repeat Accuracy—Standard Side Operated: Within 0.0012" Top Operated: Within 0.0003" Side Rotary: Within 0.0014" * Torque Requirements: Switch Body Screws: 25 to 30 lb/in Operating Head Screws: 14 to 18 lb/in * Wire Size: Will accept AWG #22 to #12, single or stranded wire
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