Narrow Aisle Forklift


Hyundai’s line of Narrow Aisle forklifts offers not only the superior power and performance needed to make any business more efficient, but also a compact design and minimum turning radius needed to operate in confined areas.  Hyundai’s 13BOP-7 forklift is one of 15 different models in the Narrow Aisle product line, all of which are 100% AC powered, electric, counterbalanced, moving mast reach trucks. Equipped with an efficient, high-powered 5.2kW, AC motor, Hyundai’s 13BOP-7 forklift guarantees reliability and optimum performance while a temperature sensor ensures a long lasting motor lifetime.  An 8 KHz high frequency, ZAPI controller makes the machine practically noiseless, providing smooth and quiet operation along with protection from low and high voltage, overheating, and fault recording.  The powerful and efficient 13BOP-7 forklift is an ideal match for numerous applications, especially those where space is limited including the slim aisles of warehouses and manufacturing facilities.Hyundai’s 13BOP-7 forklift is designed not only for ultimate efficiency, but also smooth and safe operation. It features an innovative travel speed control system that limits the machine’s acceleration as determined by the height of the platform. As the operator raises the platform, speed becomes increasingly restricted so that the operator remains safe.  In addition, a self-diagnostic LCD monitor provides a clear view of the system’s operation in all environments, displaying alerts and levels of important machine functions.  

A strong overhead guard meeting EEC and ANSI regulations is also provided for operator protection during hazardous working conditions. As with all Hyundai products, ergonomic design has remained a high priority with the 13BOP-7, which was built with operator comfort and ease of use in mind.  This model features a newly designed steering wheel for improved control and operation, a wide mast view for increased accuracy, and an ergonomic control lever designed to control platform lift, travel function and horn all with one hand.  The 13BOP-7 model comes standard with Electric Power Steering, which ensures minimal operator fatigue as well as enhanced machine performance and battery life.  This model also features an adjustable pallet clamp accommodating various pallet sizes and an automatic center position at starting, which conveniently detects the position of the drive wheel when powered on and automatically centers the wheel.  Hyundai’s 13BOP-7 narrow aisle forklift guarantees not only power and comfort, but durability and easy maintenance as well.  This model is equipped with an ideal arrangement of component parts ensuring easy access and convenience in order to minimize machine downtime.  The  13BOP-7 forklift features a highly accessible, concentrated fuel box for easy inspection, easy battery replacement and an O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) to prevent hydraulic oil leaks.   


  • minimum turning radius
  • 3,000 lb load capacity
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