New Liquid Level Indicator with Twin Level Transmitter


The new VLIT combines an all stainless steel magnetic level indicator with a twin capacitance transmitter to provide a continuous, high resolution 4-20mA or 0-5VDC output. The high contrast color flags in the external indicator channel flip to their “color side” as the magnetic ball float passes.

The transmitter is mounted in a separate stainless steel chamber and operates independently of the indicator float to provide a truly redundant measurement system. The transmitter can be easily field calibrated to adjust for any fluid.

The VLIT may also be equipped with separate point level switch outputs for alarm and valve control functions, integral isolation valves and custom scales and colors

Innovative Solutions is a manufacturer of mainstay OEM level switches and sensors since 1984. With fully integrated in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Innovative Solutions is a leader in high quality; float actuated switching products as well as economical level sensing electronics for the discerning equipment designer and manufacturer.
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