New Stepless Infinitely Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist


This hoist also offers many other unique features:

Programmable acceleration and braking ramps via the control pendant minimizes load vibration.

The DCS-Pro Stepless Variable Speed Chain Hoist is a breakthrough in lifting technology. Utilizing an inverter and stepless buttons, this new chain hoist offers speeds from 100 FPM down to 0.45 FPM or any speed in between! Whether you need ultimate precision or extremely high throughput, the DCS-Pro will allow the operator to safely handle the load at whatever speed is required.

The hoist automatically reduces to the low speed when the standard upper and lower limit switches are approached, minimizing potential damage to the hoist from unexpected over travel.

Stepless Variable Speed Travel is easily added by changing the quick disconnect pushbutton on the variable speed hoist and utilizing the standard E11/22 Demag Drive Unit.

As with all the DC Chain Hoists, the unit is equipped with “Plug and Lift” quick disconnect connectors for the pendant, supply power, and inverter that simplify your installation and provides the versatility of easily relocating the hoist.

The field adjustable pushbutton provides 10 feet of adjustment to easily adapt to your operator’s ergonomic requirements.

The ergonomically optimized pushbutton with variable displacement buttons reduces the operator’s risk of repetitive motion injuries.

Installation is simplified due to the easy access maintenance panel-behind which you will find access to the chain lubrication point, the power quick disconnect, and the 10 foot of cable storage.

The unique chain guide, equipped with either a five or six-pocket sprocket (based on the model), is the catalyst for smooth operation.

The die cast aluminum gearbox and motor, along with the electrical and fan impact resistant covers, protect the hoist’s critical components.

The DCS Variable Speed Hoist is also available with Demag’s exclusive Manulift or Rocker switch control handle.

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