Non-metallic fiber optic rotary encoder


Micronor Inc. is proud to submit this press release announcing Micronor's new TD5207 non-metallic fiber optic rotary encoder for use in extreme electromagnetic environments.  


TD5207 encoder is all optical, totally passive and intrinsically safe.

Manufactured from non-metallic materials for 100% compatibility with medical/industrial MRI imaging systems and  industrial operations using high powered electromagnetic separation processes.

Ideal feedback sensor for control of pneumatic and hydraulic drive systems purposely chosen for operating in extreme electromagnetic environments

Requires just a simplex (single fiber) link between TD5207 encoder and MR310 remote encoder interface module - up to 1000 meter separation!

MR310 modular provides industry-standard outputs including A/B quadrature, analog (4-20mA and 0-10V) and RS232/RS422 serial interface


• Electrical Voltage - 15V to 26V DC • Electrical Current - 100mA (max) • Working Temperature - -10°C to +60°C • Storage Temperature - -30°C to +80°C
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