O-Ring calculator


The O-Ring calculator from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has proven to be an industry-leading tool. Updated, it is now available in both inch and metric versions. With a number of unique functions, it is wholly intuitive and easy to use. It includes a sizing capability, design parameter recommendations and complete measurements, and results and comments may be printed, saved online or filed as a PDF. "Incorporating a great deal of sealing expertise, the calculator even considers the complexities of compression, seal expansion and groove fill, while enabling the user to add notes to the results," said Colin Macqueen, Director, Technology of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas. "The benefits of having this easy to use calculator are considerable and translate into certainty of design and substantial time savings." Well-received by engineers globally since its launch in 2005, the O-Ring calculator has been updated inline with their needs. New features make the program even more versatile and user-friendly. Features of the O-Ring Calculator include:

Inch and metric sizes
Sizing capability
Design parameter recommendations
Complete measurements
Recommendations for a broad range of materials including perfluoroelastomers
Warning messages when there are input errors or deviations from design recommendations
Results and comments may be printed, saved online or filed as a PDF

The O-Ring Calculator is available free-of-charge for online use,
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