Photoelectric Sensors Provide Improved Conveyor Control


Contrinex’s new high-performance, M18 photoelectric sensors with an integral right angle prism improve the reliability of conveyor control.

These right-angle sensors are designed to be flush mounted on to a conveyor side looking across the belt or rollers. This results in a slim-profile and secure mounting that is unlikely to be struck and damaged. Because the prism is an integral part of the sensor, performance is not compromised, as it is when mirror accessories are used.

By contrast, conventional M18 barrel sensors with axial detection have to be bracket-mounted on the sides of the conveyor with the sensor body, plug and cable assembly protruding out from the conveyor. This arrangement makes the sensors prone to accidental collision damage. As a result, conveyor reliability is compromised, often leading to expensive line failures. Other methods used such as fitting sensors in the vertical plane using a right angle mirror are highly susceptible to misalignment, damage and dirt build-up that also results in poor reliability.

The Contrinex right-angled sensors produce high intensity, pulsed, visible red (660nM) light that provides high immunity from interference from other bright light sources and include diagnostics that aid set-up and monitor sensing stability during operation. Some models include a fourth wire output that alerts the control system if there is dirt build-up during operation so that any deposits can be removed from the easy to clean lens before object detection becomes critical.

Each sensor is constructed in a rugged, M18 metal housing, has very high shock resistance and is sealed to IP67. All of the main sensor formats – namely: diffuse, background suppression, retro-reflective and through-beam – are available in right-angled configuration.

These sensors have a wide operating voltage range of 10 to 30VDC and can switch an output current of 200mA. In addition, the sensing range is stable from -25°C to +55°C and they are short-circuit and inverse polarity proof and overload protected.
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