Picolino Rotary Pump and Compressor


Thomas has introduced the new oil-less, long-life Picolino Rotary pump and compressor. Featuring high performance in a compact size, the Picolino is designed for a variety of applications, including medical, vacuum lifting, laboratory, air sampling, sewage aeration, and printing. 

This quiet, pulsation-free pump is available in two configurations – the DTE (pressure) with inlet silencer, pressure relief valve and outlet tube connector, and the VTE (vacuum) with outlet silencer and tube connector. Maximum flow is 3.5m3/hr to 12.0m3/hr (2.06 cfm to 7.6 cfm). Maximum pressure to 1.0 bar (14.5 psig) and maximum vacuum to 150 mbar abs. (25.1 inHg). Available in 230V/50-60 Hz, 115V/50-60 Hz(UL) and 3-phase/50-60 Hz


  • quiet, pulsation-free
  • two configurations
  • maximum pressure to 1.0 bar (14.5 psig)

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