Plasma Cutting Systems


Thermal Dynamics has announced two more additions to its expanding automated plasma cutting family, the Auto-Cut 200 and the Auto-Cut 200 O2. Equipped with XTTM-301 precision torch technology, these Auto-Cut systems out perform all other general purpose plasma systems in its class. The Auto-Cut 200 and Auto-Cut 200 O2 are conventional plasma cutting systems designed for end users engaged in the production cutting of materials of one inch or less. Competitively priced, these systems feature a low cost of operation and are ideal for customers who are not in the market for higher definition plasma cutting equipment. While the Auto-Cut 200 is optimized for air plasma cutting of mild steel, the Auto-Cut 200 O2 is equipped with a sophisticated gas control box that gives it added efficiency for cutting with oxygen (O2) plasma. Both plasma systems offer traditional Thermal Dynamics best-in-class quality on stainless steel and aluminum when used in conjunction with our standard Water Mist Secondary (WMSTM) feature. The Auto-Cut 200 and Auto-Cut 200 O2 systems offer metal fabricators quantifiable advantages that result in higher productivity and improved profitability. Some of the features of the Auto-Cut 200 and Auto-Cut 200 O2 include: Increased productivity and ease of operation with keyless consumable cartridge 200 Amp Power Supply for Faster Cutting Speeds XT-301 Torch Exceptional Cut Quality Gas Control Mounted on Power Supply Water Mist Secondary (WMSTM) Low Cost of Operation and Ownership Competitively Priced Thermal Dynamics Technical and Application Support XT-301 consumable parts are available for cutting metals from gauge thickness to 1 inch plate. Excellent quality cuts will be achieved on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials at higher speeds. Small Heat Affected Zone and Smooth Cutting Edge Surface Wide Virtually Dross-free Parameter Windows Higher Arc Density for Faster Speeds Without Sacrificing Cut Quality
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