Polyurethane Tubing Offers Rubber-Like Flexibility with the Durability of Plastic


Now available from tubing manufacturer NewAge® Industries is polyurethane tubing that combines the best properties of plastic and rubber. Called Superthane®, it withstands wear, abrasion, weathering, chemicals, fuels, and moisture while it remains flexible. Superthane may be used for a wide variety of gas and fluid transfer uses.

NewAge Industries’ polyurethane tubing is a durable product designed to withstand the rigors of applications involving pneumatics, petroleum-based* chemicals and liquids, granular material and slurry transfer, and protective jacketing, as well as clean fluids and gases. Superthane offers abrasion and tear resistance, high tensile strength, and low compression set. It also handles pressure and vacuum applications better than corresponding sizes of PVC or rubber. The tubing exhibits good chemical resistance and excellent weathering characteristics, setting it apart from many other plastics. Superthane is naturally flexible and needs no plasticizers, which can leach out and cause tube hardening and flow contamination.

Two formulations—ether and ester—are manufactured by NewAge to offer customers a choice. Both styles contain non-toxic ingredients that conform to FDA standards. Ether-based Superthane tubing is recommended for applications involving water, humid conditions, and fungi. It also resists UV well, and the material is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61). The ester-based version offers a slightly higher tensile strength and operating temperature, and in most cases, costs a bit less.

Superthane is available from stock in sizes from 1/16” through 2” I.D. A large inventory is maintained in order to ship products the same day that they are ordered. Of course, JIT, or Just In Time, shipments may be arranged as well.


* Available in both Ester and Ether formulations * Both formulations made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards for use with wet and fatty food contact surfaces * Transparent, flexible, resilient, tough; resistant to oils, greases, and fuels^ * Extremely resistant to weathering^^, tearing, impact, radiation, and abrasion * Wide range of temperature resistance: -95°F to 185°F (ester) * Ether-based material is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61) for use with potable water * Contains no plasticizer which could cause flow contamination or tube hardening * Can be heat sealed, coiled, fabricated, or bonded
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