PortoVeyor™ Bulk Bag Unloaders Speed Transfer


New PortoVeyor Bulk Bag Unloaders from Cyclonaire Corporation provide efficient pneumatic transfer of material from bulk bags into silos that are normally serviced by pneumatic trailers or railcars. When normal trailer and rail service is available, the skid-mounted PortoVeyor can easily be moved out of the way until needed again. PortoVeyor Unloaders allow safe handling and clean unloading of any free-flowing dry bulk material shipped in bulk bags – ranging from cement to food. Moveable PortoVeyor Unloaders make delivering bagged product to storage silos or processing equipment almost as easy as bulk delivery. They are ruggedly built and can be customized with optional hoists and lifting frames to support and unload all sizes and styles of bulk bags without slippage or spills. Self-contained PortoVeyor Unloaders are the ideal solution for keeping plants productive when bulk truck or rail delivery is interrupted. They not only open bags and convey their contents, but they also clean up nuisance dust. Bulk bags empty into a receiving hopper, which is fitted with a motor-driven rotary valve that meters contents into the convey lines. An integral pulse jet dust collector mounted above the hopper helps maintain a clean working environment and returns product dust to the hopper for transfer. A blower package also mounted on the skid supplies convey air to move material pneumatically from the hopper discharge to its destination. Frames are constructed of heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel for durability and operator safety. Carbon steel frames and hoppers are standard and stainless steel is also an option. The bag hoist can be manual, pneumatic, or electric. The optional trolley that places the suspended bags into position over the discharge hopper can be manual or motorized. A bag splitter mechanism cuts bags open inside the hopper to eliminate spills. Available bag massagers assist in thoroughly emptying bags without manual operator intervention. Units come with NEMA 4 controls, but controls sealed to meet other NEMA ratings, including NEMA 7/9, may be ordered. The long list of options combined with flexibility in frame sizing allows PortoVeyer Bulk Bag Unloaders to be economically adapted to match specific user needs. Cyclonaire selects its Rotary Airlocks appropriate for the materials handled and the application. They are available in carbon or stainless steel and feature precision-machined rotors with large shaft diameters to minimize deflection and heavy-duty ANSI flanges to resist distortion.


* Compact self-contained dust collection unit consisting of fan, filter elements, pulse jet filter cleaning to maintain media effectiveness and return nuisance dust to the hopper for transfer * Motor-driven heavy duty rotary valve for metering material into convey line * Custom sized blower package to fit the transfer application * A bag splitter to pierce the bag for safe handling * Standard: o Carbon steel construction o Welded skid and tubular frame o NEMA 4 controls * Specify: o Stainless Steel o Electric Hoist o Load Cell for weigh/batching o Bag carrier
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