Today's industrial tool users want a tool box that's as tough as the tools it holds. In response, Proto has enhanced its entry level line of professional tool boxes. Features added to the 440SS (Standard Duty Series) boxes are designed to make them stronger, stiffer, and more durable. Improvements made to the 440SS line include the following: Thicker gauge steel on top and bottom panels to help stiffen the entire cabinet. Increasing the width of the steel lip around the top of the cabinet from 1.5 in. to 2 in. The wider lip helps provide further stiffening, and helps lessens the chance that cracks will appear in the corners when users put the box under the stress of moving. Building diagonal reinforcing bars into the bottom panels of wheeled cabinets to help keep them from twisting when moved. The steel used in drawer fronts and drawer bodies has been increased. This stiffens drawers, and makes them less likely to dent when tools are thrown in them. Replacing all friction drawer slides with 100 lb. capacity ball bearing models on all but one drawer. (The only exception is the12-in deep drawer.) Adding ball bearing slides to drop fronts on rolling cabinets. Replacing plastic drawer pulls with attractive and durable extruded aluminum models. Proto has also added SKUs to give customers more choices. The 440SS line now includes a new locker cabinet consisting of a full-height cabinet door that opens to reveal a bank of drawers. It's a great solution for storing large tools. And for the first time, customers can now special order boxes in black, in addition to the standard red color. The 27 in. roller cabinet can be ordered with a wood top. Proto has also added 13 new items to its 450HD (Heavy-Duty) series cabinet, which already includes 14- or 16-gauge steel housings, 200 lb. capacity ball bearing drawer slides, and a powder coat finish. These items include 6x2 spring-loaded casters that act as shock absorbers when the cabinet is being rolled across a rough surface (a parking lot with cracks, for example); optional wood tops on 50-in., 57-in., and 66-in. cabinets; and the addition of blue and yellow to the color choices. About Proto Professionals worldwide prefer  Proto® Industrial Tools for their outstanding quality, durability, and dependability. Developed according to strict ergonomic standards, they offer enhanced shock absorption and reduced slip, as well as designs that let professional users work faster and easier. Markets including auto-manufacturing plants, steel and airplane manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit, and aircraft.
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