PS Series Motors Provide High Speed in a Compact Design


NSK Precision America's Megatorque™ Motor PS series offers high speed, high resolution movement in a compact design. The series of lightweight direct drive motors is designed to provide high accuracy and high torque, and is best suited for applications in the semiconductor, medical and machine tool industries.

Capable of a maximum rotational speed of 10s-1, PS series motors incorporate an absolute position sensor with a resolution of 2,621,440 counts/rev and positioning accuracy of 90 arc seconds, thus requiring no homing operation. Additionally, the series’ interchangeable motors and drivers can be combined freely. NSK also designed the PS series with a new servo algorithm that shortens settling time to less than 1/5 of that of previous NSK motors.

PS series motors include free upgraded Megaterm software, which features improvements that offer user-friendly tuning parameter editing, program editing and controlling functions. The series is available with 7 models in 4" and 6" diameters. For more information, visit
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