QPM - The Complete Tightening Solution


With torque capacity ranging from 0.5 to 2000 Nm, Stanley's threaded fastening solutions come in multiple geometries and fit the most critical assembly requirements. Real-time monitoring, analysis, diagnostics, and configurations are available plant-wide, with networkable controls.

Flexible architecture simplifies service and reduces inventory
QPM modularity allows customized solutions that fit your process, with all the benefits of standardization. Set up QPM to add value to Engineering, Quality Control, Production, and Maintenance. And draw on a smaller inventory of interchangeable parts to maintain a production line of any size or complexity.

Easy and seamless integration into any level of plant control
QPM systems use a few standard modules to flexibly scale from stand-alone systems to a plant-wide network of tools. Available interface options tightly integrate with plant control and information systems. Common electronics and software modules offer high customization and adaptability. QPM software converts complex process data into useful information tailored to Quality, Production, Maintenance, and Engineering functions.

Take complete control of the assembly process
One controller can store as many as 32 parameter sets of different tightening strategies. Each parameter set holds as many as eight complete strategies to match the needs of any tightening application.

Error proofing
Intelligent systems ensure that the process is completed correctly every time.

Stanley’s patented Adaptive Tightening Control technology gives more consistent torque results by automatically adjusting for different joint rates.

QPM delivers value over the life cycle of the product
Lowered costs on materials and labor. Reduced times for setup, fastening, rework and maintenance. Increased quality, productivity, ergonomics, and flexibility. Compared to pneumatic and other DC electric assembly tools, QPM is THE COMPLETE TIGHTENING SOLUTION that delivers lifetime value.
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