SENSEable™ Product Line of Industrial Encoder Products


The new SENSEable™ family of industrial encoders from TR Electronic provides industrial encoder solutions and a new choice for motion control and positioning applications including machine control, process control, textiles, flood gate control, material handling, metal forming and packaging. TR Electronics’ new encoder product line includes their flag-ship incremental and absolute encoders designed for industrial automation.  Customers have the ability to choose from a wide variety of interfaces including serial, parallel, SSI, fieldbus and all leading Industrial Ethernet protocols.  The devices run on TR’s optical and magnetic technologies and are available with shafted, hollow shaft, blind-shaft and integrated coupling configurations.
TR’s industrial encoders have been used in factory automation and industrial machine control environments for over 25 years.   “The SENSEable™ line of encoder products complements TR’s existing product offering and extends our global leadership in positioning and industrial controls”, says Matthew Scott, Director of Operations for TR North America. “SENSEable™ extends our range to support even more OEM applications with cost-effective, innovative products.” 
The incremental encoders and absolute encoders are manufactured and designed for rapid delivery and are supported through TR’s North American sales and engineering teams.
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