Simulation Platform Built for Innovation


HyperWorks 2017 packs in new functionalities and capabilities for model-based development, electromagnetism, nonlinear structural analysis, and lightweight design and optimization to help users generate solutions faster and innovate smarter.



  • Model-based Development Suite: solidThinking Activate®, Compose® and Embed® capabilities encompassing concept studies, control design, system performance optimization and controller implementation and testing are now part of the platform
  • Electromagnetics Analysis and Design: Flux™ for EM simulation of static and low frequency applications, and WinProp™ for propagation modeling and radio network planning are added as perfect complements to FEKO, focused on high frequency EM simulations related to antenna design, placement, radiation hazard and bio electromagnetics
  • Material Modeling and Manufacturing: Multiscale Designer is a tool for development and simulation of accurate models for heterogeneous material systems including laminated composites, honeycomb cores, reinforced concrete, soil, bones, and various others. Manufacturing offerings now include solidThinking “Click2” products for extrusion, casting and metal forming process simulation
  • Usability and Efficient Model Management: HyperMesh® now offers a complete, robust solution for assembly and model variants management, expanding the part library and configuration management capabilities. Important new features for crash and safety users have also been implemented. A brand new desktop tool called ConnectMe™ has been developed to efficiently manage, launch and update all the products within the HyperWorks suite
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