Spiral Door


With an opening speed of 60 inches per second, the Spiral Door enables efficient traffic flow by providing a fully opened door in just seconds to eliminate vehicle idle time at the doorway, while at the same time keeping adverse weather and intruders out of the building. 

Hard-Working Door with Style 

The Spiral Door’s crisp lines give this door a stylish look that’s great with for all kinds of commercial, institutional as well as industrial applications. Because the door’s anodized aluminum finish will not corrode, you can count on that look to last for years under even the worst weather conditions. The unique Spiral roll up door design features no metal-to-metal contact for whisper quiet operation, enabling it to fit in anywhere. As for fit, the door’s tight profile takes up little room at the sides and along the header. 

In-Room Energy and Intruders Where They Belong 

High-speed operation controls the air exchange so less energy is required to maintain building temperature. The door’s aluminum slats have a durable rubber membrane covering their connecting hinges, to contain heating/ cooling energy and preventing air infiltration. This tight seal stops dust pollution, drafts and inclement weather. This same design also provides an effective barrier against unauthorized personnel. The door’s fast speed confines access to traffic that belongs in the building. 

Smart Operation 

The Spiral door’s next generation System 4 ® door controller takes performance to a whole new level. The intelligent processor and variable frequency drive generate an energy efficient speed curve for smooth motion, soft starting and soft stopping. Electronics replace high maintenance parts for reliable operation, less downtime and greater control.


  • opening speed of 60 inches per second
  • enables efficient traffic flow
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