Thern Announces Development of New TA10 Series Air Winch


June 5, 2008, WINONA, MN. – Thern, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of its next generation air tugger with the new TA10 BIG RED Series air winch.

Thern has designed for improved performance by incorporating a high capacity air motor into the TA10 which provides higher line pull capacity while maintaining faster line speeds. Performance ratings include 1st layer and full drum load capacities of 37,000 and 21,800 lbs along with a maximum line speed of 34 fpm.

The TA10 also brings a new look to the Thern BIG RED line. Improving upon the rugged, solid steel frame of the BIG RED line, TA10 series units are versatile and fully reversible to run line in either direction, better suiting customer requirements. Among its many design changes, the new series incorporates reversible band brake and disc brake assemblies and an innovative revolving cable anchor. The cable anchor accommodates wire rope diameters ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inch and facilitates winding of wire rope from either direction.

Access for maintenance is also improved through a new reducer mounting configuration. Reducer oil fill and drain plugs have been moved from the winch drum to the reducer end plate eliminating the need to remove wire rope for access to the reducer oil plugs. The TA10 also features a Type E roller bearing that is easily removable for lubrication, maintenance and replacement.

Increasingly popular in the construction, marine, oil and gas and mining markets, Thern BIG RED air winches are designed to provide lifting and pulling power on job sites where electrical hookup is either hazardous or unavailable.

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2008, Thern, Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of winches, cranes and hoists for virtually any industrial application. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN. and markets its products worldwide.

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