Two Smaller sizes for ultra-thing Angular Gripper SWG


SCHUNK has introduced two additional sizes to its angular gripper series – SWG – specifically designed for small parts applications where space is a premium. The new sizes 10 and 12 are an excellent choice for small parts handling, from packaging to mold tending demands tighter and tighter dimensions. The SWGs stackable design answers these demands not only in sizing, but in flexibility as well.

The new gripper is available in 8 different sizes ranging from 10mm to 50mm assuring proper selection. With grip force from 0.01Nm (0.09 to 2.8Nm (25.0 and an opening angle of 15 degrees, the grippers are not only small they are powerful. The design is simple with as few parts as possible keeping production costs low and reliability high.

To further flexibility, the new economic ultra thin gripper comes standard with sensor grooves for monitoring both open and closed and an integrated spring adding grip force to the closed position. Whether used in a single configuration or stacked in a bank, the new SWG gripper is the cost-effective solution for small part handling


• Opening angle per jaw[°] : 15.0 • Opening angle per jaw up to[°] : 2.0 • Closing moment [Nm] : 2.8 • Closing moment ensured by spring[Nm] : 0.6 • Weight [kg] : 0.213 • Recommended workpiece weight[kg] : 0.45 • Air consumption per double stroke[cm3] : 3.8 • Nominal pressure [bar] : 6.0 • Minimum pressure [bar] : 4.0 • Maximum pressure [bar] : 6.5 • Closing time [s] : 0.03 • Opening time [s] : 0.06 • Max. permitted finger length[mm] : 42.0 • Max. permitted weight per finger[kg] : 0.08 • IP rating : 30 • Min. ambient temperature[°C] : -10.0 • Température ambiante max.[°C] : 90.0 • Repeat accuracy [mm] : 0.05

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