ULT Outside Rotating Direct Drive Frameless Motors


The latest in Applimotion’s ULT family is the ULT-O Outside Rotating frameless motor kits. These motor allow the customer flexibility of a large through hole and low profile, but in this case the rotor is external to the stator. This allows the customer to integrate the rotor ring into an outside rotating hub. Similar to all ULT motors, the ULT-O series motors are optimized for smooth low speed motion or high precision applications. The can run at very low speeds in positioning applications or at high speeds for scanning systems. These motors remain true to the ULT ultra-thin origins with very low profile construction and large through hole. Recent customer requests have forced a mind-shift in design driving this outside rotating configuration. The ULT-O motors add yet another dimension of flexibility for product designers and machine designers looking to engineer best of breed solutions into their mechanics. These motor operate from traditional three phase brushless DC or AC sinusoidal servo drives. Windings are available for operation from 12-300 volts DC. ULT Direct Drive low profile frameless motors now include the following; • ULT Series Direct Drive Motors • ULT-H Series of High Performance Direct Drive Motors • ULT-S Series of Sloteless Direct Drive Motors • ULT-O Series of Outside Rotating Direct Drive Motors.
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