Ultrasonic Metal Welding System


Sonics & Materials, Inc. introduces its new MW20 Ultrasonic Welding system, with precise, ergonomic controls and weld quality monitoring in time, energy and/or distance. The system’s GX-Series power supply provides microprocessor control and is available in 1200, 1700, 2200 and 3500 watts. Engineered to provide maximum precision and safety, the system features ultrasonic horn/stack frequency display, a convenient ground base with integrated safety switches, self-orienting horn and tips, a patented one-piece horn/booster with dual nodal mounts, an exclusive safety slide advance system and indicator signal lights for weld status, part quality and faults.

Other standard features include ultrasonic power load meter, upper and lower weld limit settings, and back-lit LCD display. All models include soft-start overload protection circuitry, load regulation circuitry and digital wattage display. A large anvil stage with independent x-y adjustment facilitates part fixturing and precision down/up stops provide total motion control.

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