UNIBRAKE® AC Motor Brakes


Warner Electric, an Altra Industrial Motion company, announces new UNIBRAKE® AC Motor Brakes. These spring-applied motor brakes feature a simple design with fewer moving parts to reduce downtime for stop/hold applications found in material handling, food processing, and baggage handling equipment.

An external manual release lever allows the driven load to be moved without energizing the motor. The lever resets automatically when the brake is re-energized.
Enclosed construction protects internal components from dust and grit.
Splined hubs and friction discs efficiently transmit torque, which is adjustable from full torque rating to 50 percent.
Single-phase AC coils offer fast engagement and release times and easy wiring.
Warner Electric UNIBRAKE AC Motor Brakes are available in two styles: Single C-Face and Double C-Face. Single C-Face UNIBRAKES, designed for motors that are modified to accept a brake, mount to the motor’s non-driven end. Double C-Face UNIBRAKES perform a coupling function between standard C-Face motors and C-Face gear reducers.

Single C-Face UNIBRAKES are available from 3 ft.lb. to 15 ft.lb. Double C-Face UNIBRAKES are available from 3 ft.lb. to 10 ft.lb. Coil voltage ranges from 115/230, 60 HZ to 230/460, 50HZ. Both styles are interchangeable with standard motor brakes.
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