For use in harsh and demanding end use applications, Baumer Ltd. has introduced new VeriSens(R) smart vision sensors equipped with IP69K-rated stainless steel housings, shatterproof glass, special connectors and seals that protect the sensors from damage during high temperature/high pressure wash downs designed to sanitize equipment.  VeriSens(R) IP69K smart vision sensors are ideal for discrete automation applications in a range of industries including food/beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic processing.

Using contour based algorithms, VeriSens(R) IP69K smart vision sensors provide edges that are more stable and reliable than edges found using photometric (gray scale) methods.  The powerful FEX processor that is used to calculate edges eliminates data detection problems associated with changes in environmental conditions such as lighting or shadows.  These devices feature 656 x 494 pixel CCD image sensors that produce high quality images.  Integral lighting and lensing make setup fast and easy.

VeriSens(R) IP69K smart vision sensors calculate 2-D position correction and provide data on the position and angle of the target.  They also perform simple measurement and location calculations.  An RS485 communications interface communicates with a computer or control device to transmit and receive data.  An Ethernet version is also available for real time remote image monitoring.  VeriSens(R) IP69K sensors can store up to 255 jobs during real time sensor operation.  Switching between jobs can be easily done on the fly.

Using easy drop-down menus included in the sensor’s software, even staff with minimal training can inspect for part presence, location, completeness, and position.  No programming knowledge is needed to set up the unit.  VeriSens® IP69K smart vision sensors are available with 17 pre-programmed software tools that can be combined to perform up to 32 inspection tasks from one image.  These sensors also support external lighting as needed, and are available in a C-mount version.  Configurable teach inputs are included for programming.
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