Searchline Excel Open-Path Infrared Gas Detector


The Searchline Excel open-path Infrared gas detector, a staple on offshore oil platforms around the globe, has Bluetooth connectivity to speed up maintenance and reduce downtime through an updated app for a smart junction box (model: OELD) with a local display that attaches to the detector.


Perform commissioning, operation, and maintenance remotely to a Searchline Excel (or a Searchpoint Optima Plus) using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology paired with a smartphone in classified hazardous areas faster and with less downtime.


To install the app, visit


  • Wider area coverage
  • Very high speed of response
  • Detector location not as critical
  • Indicates size of hazard
  • Reduced sensitivity to alignment, partial obscuration
  • Visual indication of target and current signal levels
  • High Power Rifle Telescope
  • Easier to align with greater zoom and magnification
  • Shock-resistant design
  • High sensitivity allows low alarm set points
  • Duct flex and vibration tolerance keep the system online
  • Integral functional gas test facility allows for simple system check
  • Contamination-resistant optics reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance
  • Not affected by interference from water vapor
  • Immune to catalytic poisons
  • Works in inert atmospheres
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