Vertex Edge Toxic Gas Monitoring System


Vertex Edge, a cost-effective gas detection solution, helps semiconductor fabrication facilities and other operations monitor job sites and protect workers and assets while reducing downtime.


Vertex Edge provides enhanced performance that is simple and intuitive to operate so that workers can quickly evaluate gas readings, alarms, event logs, real-time trends, and overall system status. It includes an easy-to-use touchscreen that features large display icons that makes navigation easy—even while wearing gloves.


It offers flexible gas sampling in one modular system. Users can start with 8 sampling points for continuous gas detection and add up to 72 as requirements change. It uses authentic Chemcassette technology which helps to ensure extended life. It indicates the presence of gas quickly and definitively with a physical record—evidenced by a color change on chemically treated tape. These Chemcassette tapes have a replacement life of 6 months instead of 3, for double the usage at half the cost.

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