1,200-Lumen LED Work Lights Leverage Magnets to Attract


Two lightweight and versatile LED work lights feature a 1,200-lumen high brightness mode and a 600-lumen low brightness mode with two separate integrated magnets. With one magnet located at the balance point in the middle of the handle and the other at the tip of the light, users are provided multiple points of attachment for complete hands-free user operation. The wand style handle was even discretely designed with an octagonal shape that keeps the floodlight aimed in the correct direction when placed on its side preventing the light from rolling back and forth on a sloped surface. Both models include a strong detachable magnetic hook that can be attached to either integrated magnet on the light body for additional versatility and convenience.

Bayco model SL-2135 AC powered LED work light features 25’ of 18/2 SJTW cord, while the Bayco model SL-866 features 50’ of 18/2 SVTW cord inside of a retractable metal reel with included mounting bracket that attaches to a wall or ceiling.



  • ac powered LED work light with 25’ of 18/2 SJTW cord
  • two brightness settings: 1,200 & 600 lumen
  • two built-in magnets, located at the tip of light and body mid-point provide hands-free options
  • Included detachable magnetic hook attaches to either integrated body magnets
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