Fluorescent Gold Lamps


Shat-R-Shield, the leading and largest manufacturer of plastic-coated safety lamps, today announced the availability of a specially-formulated fluorescent gold lamp. The ultimate protection for critical UV-sensitive processes, Shat-R-Shield’s gold lamps filter out UV emissions and wavelengths below 520 nanometers. Additionally, Shat-R-Shield gold lamps offer higher lumen output than traditional phosphor gold lamps. Blocking these wavelengths is critical in sensitive areas and processes including semiconductor fabrication, photo processing, and research and testing laboratories. Like all of Shat-R-Shield’s lighting products, the gold lamps are shatter-resistant, further protecting sensitive areas should a lamp be broken. Shat-R-Shield’s plastic safety coating does not affect the life of the lamp and will contain virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury if a lamp is broken. “These new lamps bring the safety of Shat-R-Shield into a new area,” said Shat-R-Shield President Karen Ponce. “From research labs or on a high-tech manufacturing floor, Shat-R-Shield gold lamps are the perfect choice for customers looking to protect their applications from UV but also have the added peace of mind when it comes to broken glass and maintenance.” Shat-R-Shield gold lamps are available as T8 and T12 fluorescents through the company’s network of electrical distributors. For more information, visit www.shatrshield.com or call 1-800-223-0853.
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