18V MonsterLithium Caulk & Adhesive Gun Kit


Dispensing caulk, adhesive or lubricant in precise amounts, the 18V MonsterLithium Caulk & Adhesive Gun Kit is a cordless tool ideal for many industries, including construction, manufacturing, fleet garages and repair facilities, and more.


It uses high-feed force to dispense material, even in cold weather. The flow is controlled by a dispensing dial, releasing material at rates between 2 and 18 in. (5.1 and 45.7 cm) per minute. Saving time and reducing material waste, the piston retracts automatically when the trigger is released to stop material from dispensing.


  • Piston-actuated mechanism dispenses material with precision and accuracy
  • Dispenses up to 400 tubes of material on a single charge
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Low noise and vibration reduces user fatigue
  • Fast, simple changeovers from one material to another
  • Kit includes caulk gun, battery, and charger
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