22 ECP Brushless Mini Motor


Portescap’s 22ECP miniature brushless DC motor includes an integrated driver to optimize motor performance and simplify installation. The 22 mm diameter motor is just 35 mm in length and delivers 50% more continuous torque than comparable brushless slotless miniature motors, without compromising smoothness of operation or motor lifespan.


The motor is the latest addition to Portescap’s line of high-performance, economic two-pole motors designed to deliver a balance between speed and torque capabilities. Driver integration ensures better motor-driver matching, which simplifies installation and reduces assembly footprint and cost. It also eliminates unnecessary additional wiring between the motor and the drive.


Thanks to its minimal speed drop and low motor heating under load, the 22ECP motor works well with gearboxes. And its low inertia makes it suited to applications requiring fast incremental motion and acceleration such as respiratory and ventilation devices, infusion pumps, miniature industrial pumps, medical hand tools, clinical diagnostics, and valve actuation.


Portescap can customize the 22ECP with gearboxes, encoders, coil variations, and mechanical interface modifications, as needed.


 22ECP35 2A 154.0122ECP35 2A 184.01
Motor Diameter (mm)22
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°C)-30 to + 100
Ambient Storage Temperature Range (°C)-40 to + 100
Axial Static Force w/o Shaft Support, Max (N)34
Back EMF Constant (V/1000 rpm)1.531.82
Ball Bearings Preload (N)5.5
Continuous Current, Max (A)0.90.7
Continuous Mechanical Power, Max (@25°C) (W)97.3
Continuous Torque, Max (mNm)12.6
Electrical Time Constant (ms)0.130.14
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Hall Sensor Electrical Phasing (electrical °)n/a
Inductance - Phase to Phase (mH)0.620.89
Internal Resistance - Phase to Phase (Ohm)4.656.58
Mechanical Time Constant (ms)3
Motor Constant (mNm/W½)6.8
Motor Regulation (10³/Nms)21.821.7
Motor Speed, Max (rpm)10,0008,000
No-Load Current, Typical (mA)6330
No-Load Speed (rpm)7,7006,600
Nominal Voltage (V)12
Optimization DirectionCCW
Rotor Inertia (gcm²)1.38
Thermal Resistance (Slotless) (°C/W)3.5/12.5
Thermal Time Constant (s)550
Torque Constant (mNm/A)14.617.4
Weight (g)64
Winding Temperature, Max (°C)125
Length (mm)35
Feedback TypeIntegrated Electronics
Number of Poles2 pole
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