3D View Station Cuts Filtering to Fraction of Second


Focus of the developments of the 3DViewStation V2015.1 has been set to optimize the handling of extremely large assemblies and the enhancement of the analysis functions.

To accelerate selections in extremely large assemblies, the model tree has been replaced, improving filtering and isolation of large assemblies such as selecting 5000 parts of a specific color in a 100.000+ parts assembly. Filtering has been cut down now to fractions of a second.


•    A wall thickness analysis displaying color gradation based on the ray method has been added
•    The calculation of volume and surface will no longer be performed during loading, but is now accessible via a menu item.
•    The presentation of results from the clash detection has been improved
•    The SVG 2D-vector export of hidden line removed data has been enhanced
•    Minimum bounding box, has been added
•    PDF-Export has been enriched
•    ISO-like dimensioning has been enhanced
•    A new XML based API has been added, which is now available for all product flavors: Desktop, ActiveX and WebViewer
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