5-Edge End Mill Offers High Performance


The GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine is a solid carbide roughing end mill which achieves high feed rates when slot milling from solid steel. The innovative knuckle form profile produces extremely compact swarf. Therefore, the Hoffmann Group was able to construct the milling cutter with five cutting edges. As a result, at a constant feed rate per tooth the new five-edge end mill achieves 25% higher process efficiency than a classic four-edge end mill. Thanks to the innovative knuckle form profile, the cutting pressure is lower and higher feed rates can be obtained with a constant load. Due to the compact chips and the lower cutting forces, the new GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine high-performance end mill is particularly suitable both for milling deep slots and also for machining delicate components. 


Based on its unusual geometry, the end mill produces chips that are very short, fine and particularly tightly rolled. These are easily cleared by the flat chip-breaker recesses. The directional chip discharge increases the process reliability, the extremely sturdy core diameter the tool stability. It permits plunge angles up to 10-deg.. The cutting edge design includes honing to minimize the risk of break-aways. The ultra-fine grain substrate greatly increases the resistance to breakage; while the enhanced coating also optimizes the wear characteristics and reduces the rate of heat input. The unequal spacing ensures a smooth cutting action.


The GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine solid carbide end mill extends the GARANT MasterSteel product range, which currently includes the existing classic four-edge end mills and also the GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket universal end mill plus two solid carbide drills. With these additions, the Hoffmann Group offers state-of-the-art high-performance tools for every application.  The GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine achieves a feed rate per tooth up to 0.1 mm at cutting depths up to twice the tool diameter (2xD).

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