CNC Grinder Gets Power Boost


ANCA has upgraded the FX5 Linear 2-wheel pack machine with a new grinding spindle rated at 12kW peak power as well as releasing a further high-powered spindle option of 19kW.


The FX5, with the 12kW spindle delivers increased productivity up to a diameter of 10 mm. At 19kW, the new high-powered spindle option can enhance productivity further for tools up to 12 mm and above. The high-powered spindle option on FX5 matches the grinding spindle fitted to the FX7 machine with 6-wheel packs, suited for a more industrial environment. The FX5 upgrade option features a striking high-powered decal indicating it has been fitted with the more powerful 19kW spindle.


Customers will benefit from the increased spindle power provided by the new 12kW standard spindle on FX5 and now have the option to purchase their new ANCA FX5 with a high-powered spindle, adding more flexibility in the tool room. Most importantly the high-powered spindle reduces the production cost and increases net output across a wider range of tools. The use of “One Pass Productivity” for tools with 12mm diameter translates into an increased output of 15.8% - with 70 tools produced in an eight-hour shift compared to 60 tools with the new standard 12kW spindle.



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