6-Axis Turning Center


DECO 20s Swiss-type turning center is targeted to companies producing parts that are moderately complex and up to 20 mm in diameter. Described as a “mirror image” machine, it has almost an equal number of tools available for both the main and counter spindle. A total of 22 tool positions is offered. Quick-mount powered or “live” tooling can perform milling and drilling operations in addition to turning, thus enabling many parts to be produced in a single setup.


• Main areas of application: automotive, medical, general manufacturing, electronics • and connector industries • Max. diameter: 20 (25.4) mm • Max. part length (1 chuck): 220 mm • Spindle and counter-spindle power: 3.7 / 5.5 kW • Motorized spindle: Yes • Clamps: F20, F25, F30 • Max. speed: 10,000 rpm. • Number of tools for max. operation: 14 • Number of tools for max. back operation: 8 • Numeric control: Fanuc 30i • Programming: ISO / TB-DECO • Advantages: Strength, Simplicity, Power, Versatility, Excellent price-to-potential ratio
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