7-axis CNC screw machines


AMT Machine Systems has expanded its ServoCam® UltraTurn™ product line with the introduction of the ServoCam® UltraTurn™ XLS. The UltraTurn™ XL and UltraTurn™ XLS are fast, rugged, 7-axis CNC screw machines with exceptionally powerful and rigid tool slides, enabling heavy forming operations for maximum metal-removal rates. The new capability being introduced on the UltraTurn™ XLS is a variable-speed servodrive for live turret tooling. This versatile drive also powers a live subspindle, providing two-axis ID and OD backworking capabilities. The subspindle uses the popular 5C collet system. Another major enhancement being introduced is Tool Sentry™ tool monitoring software, which can automatically detect dull tools, missing tools, and short parts. These new capabilities together with an optional automatic bar loader and part and chip conveyor, enable the UltraTurn XLS to be used for lightly attended or lights-out manufacturing. AMT Machine Systems, Ltd. has been providing products and services that improve manufacturing productivity for over 10 years. Their systems are used to manufacture parts made of various materials for numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, fasteners/hardware, medical, plumbing, and telecommunications. Over 600 of their ServoCam® UltraSlide™ and ServoCam® UltraTurn™ systems are installed and operating in manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Their latest product, the ServoCam® UltraTurn™ XL, is a complete CNC-based high-speed turning machine utilizing their advanced CyberNet™ control architecture.
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