AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge


Southco’s AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge uses friction to increase control of 180-deg. fold-out tables, preventing the flaps from falling open during operation and improving the end-user experience.


The hinge provides consistent, smooth operation, allowing passengers to safely position fold-out tables on moving vehicles such as trains, airplanes, and motor coaches. Integrated constant torque allows the table to be held in position at any angle, preventing it from falling open while the vehicle is in motion. With improved aesthetics and enhanced reliability, the AH-2E is an ideal upgrade from traditional free-swinging hinges and dampening devices.


With its flush-mount design, the hinge occupies minimal application space and allows a table to be deployed to a secure horizontal position and folded and stowed flat. Constructed of robust materials, the AH-2E delivers reliable, maintenance-free performance and delivers enhanced safety, with its controlled motion preventing trapped fingers and flush design eliminating pinch points along the joint.

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