AlertAlarm and AlertAlight Families


The AlertAlarm and AlertAlight Families create a universal solution for industrial, marine, and ordinary location applications. The AlertAlarm (audible) and AlertAlight (audible and visual) products contain a set of 64 international alarm tones and 4 remotely activated stages/channels. First and second stage tones can be set individually, permitting greater flexibility in tone choice. Voltage supply ranges have been extended to assist with product selection whilst current in-rush has been minimized. Pluggable, duplicated terminals facilitate Class A wiring and reduce installation time.


The A100 sounders and the AL100 combined units produce up to 110dBA, whilst the A105N/AL105N utilizes an enclosure design with threaded cable entries to simplify installation. A112N/AL112N and A121/AL121 type products contain the latest in Class D amplification and feature additional methods of stage control along with up to 124dB(A) sound level output. A choice of two power modes is available during installation, enabling the optimum level of current consumption and sound output to be selected for the application.


The L101H includes a electronic sub-assembly using an array of 18 super bright Cree LED's and offering a choice of steady mode and seven flashing modes, including a new highly effective temporal pattern. The L101H LED includes UL and ULC private mode fire approval and is available as a combination signal with any of the AlertAlarm or Sonora type alarm horn sounders.


  • AlertAlarm (audible) and AlertAlight (audible and visual)
  • Universal solution for industrial, marine, and ordinary location applications
  • 64 international alarm tones
  • 4 remotely activated stages/channels
  • First and second stage tones can be set individually
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