microScan3 Pro I/O Safety Laser Scanner


Solving complex applications with powerful features and universal I/O integration, the microScan3 Pro I/O is a safety laser scanner that features an everything-in-one design. The universal I/O integration works with any safety controls, and the intelligent hose/guest functionality makes it possible to connect up to three guest scanners.


It does the work of four standard safety laser scanners with four pairs of OSSD outputs, and it has two encoder inputs directly in the scanner for speed-based case switching. Additional features include a 29.5 ft (9 m) protective field range, safeHDDM scanning technology, 275-deg. scanning angle, and Ethernet connectivity, allowing for full digitalization functions.


The scanning angle provides four-sided protection when two scanners are mounted on diagonal corners of a vehicle. The ability to slow down, stop, and go maximizes flexibility and productivity, as opposed to just having the ability to just stop and go. The four pairs of OSSD outputs also increase safety and productivity in industrial robot applications.


  • Universal I/O integration
  • Four pairs of OSSD outputs
  • 29.5 ft (9 m) protective field range
  • SafeHDDM scanning technology
  • 275-deg. scanning angle
  • Ethernet connectivity
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