All-in-One Series of Inspection Solutions for F&B


Offering comprehensive, customizable packaging inspection for F&B applications, the All-in-One equipment portfolio incorporates multiple inspection controls into single machines, maximizing production space and manpower efficiencies. It provides single-machine in-line inspection and quality control through a broad array of combinable technologies. Combinable features for the All-in-One series include regulatory compliance, container integrity, micro-leak (micro-hole) and contaminants detection, weight control, and labeling/print verification for parameters such as expiration date and lot code.


The first model combines inspection required by regulations with innovative applications that enable food & beverage companies to check for the presence of micro-holes in packaging, check for the presence of foreign bodies, check the weight of the product, check the seal, and check labels and codes.


Other advantages of the series includes reduced machine dimensions, a single-user interface overseeing all inspection parameters, differentiated waste and automatic recipe settings, and reduced energy consumption. In addition, each machine in the All-in-One series can be integrated into the company’s Digital Factory software platform, which connects all solutions to optimize production and monitor efficiency.


  • Checks for the presence of micro-holes in packaging
  • Checks for the presence of foreign bodies
  • Checks the weight of the product
  • Checks the seal
  • Non-destructive online checks on 100% of production
  • Detection of organic residues in the sealing area, even in opaque/colored packages
  • Check the label and code, their presence, correctness and quality, readability, and the presence of mandatory data
  • IR or Laser spectroscopy
  • Artificial vision
  • Hyperspectral technology
  • Maximum guarantee to bring to the market an intact package, with a perfect closure of the seal and with the correct and necessary information shown on the label and in the code
  • Reduced footprint
  • One control panel
  • Quick product changeover
  • High flexibility and adaptability to different packages
  • One electrical/pneumatic connection
  • Centralized data acquisition
  • One touchpoint and purchasing optimization
  • No product passage or synchronism issues
  • One maintenance program
  • Reduced TCO compared to 3 single machines
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