Allen‑Bradley ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks


2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Designed for On-Machine use in harsh environments, the ArmorBlock 5000 I/O solution lets users deploy and maintain smart automation more efficiently with scalability that reduces installation time, cost, and downtime. Users can speed up project development with the common tag structure and configuration workflows in the intuitive Studio 5000 Logix Designer environment.


The I/O blocks operate in a wide range of temperatures and offer up to IP69K protection for high-speed applications in harsh environments. The IO-Link master blocks are the first released product from the ArmorBlock 5000 I/O portfolio. These provide a high degree of flexibility with up to 8 IO-Link channels that include four IO-Link Class A and four Class B ports. They control high-current devices and improve connectivity and with distributed monitoring and control, they help create flexible automation capabilities.


The blocks are available in three industry-standard power variants to meet different regional needs.


  • Meets a wide range of regional and industry needs with Mini 4-pin, Mini 5-pin, and L-coded power variants 
  • Reduces installation footprint with up to 8 IO-Link channels, 12 digital inputs, and 16 outputs
  • Provides better visibility with well-positioned LED for block and/or channel-level diagnostics
  • IP69K rating for On-Machine use
  • Eases setup and commissioning in an intuitive Logix environment
  • Provides a highly integrated IO-Link distributed I/O solution for ControlLogix 5580, CompactLogix 5380, and CompactLogix 5480 controllers 
  • Works with Studio 5000 Logix Designer application version 35 or later 
  • Provides efficient installation and replacement via plug and play
  • Offers flexible mounting installation
  • Minimize downtime through easy distributed monitoring and control
  • Ease maintenance and troubleshooting with diagnostic data
  • Save installation time with flexible mounting options and reduced wiring
  • Deliver insightful data in real-time for informed decision-making

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O IO-Link master:

  • Eases configuration with common tag structure and configuration workflow 
  • Offers four IO-Link Class A and four IO-Link Class B ports 
  • Drives Class B output device up to 2A with an isolated high current output channel 
  • Supports IO-Link protocol 1.1.3
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