YRC1000 Robot Controller


YRC 1000 compact controller is one of the smallest robot controllers around, but it is ready to impress with its "anything but small" performance.  


Operators can expect high speeds, amazing path accuracy, incredible efficiency, and great flexibility with the YRC1000. Additionally, it has global standardization, which means there is no transformer required. Maintenance is also simplified by offering preventative maintenance information and powerful software tools for analysis and notification.


This controller has been improved in a variety of ways, such as increasing the speeds by lowering a ladder scanning time. Also improved is the path accuracy that provides increased precision and trajectory performance, independent of motion speed. The programming pendant weighs a mere 730 grams, to enable easier use by the operator.  


There is a smartphone-like touch operation on the interface, allowing the user to 3D-simulate robot motion before or during the execution of the real robot arm. Additionally, the service staff can directly connect to the user interface for remote service purposes.

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