AM3248 Stepper Motor


Offering up to 10,000 rpm, the multi-pole, two-phase AM3248 Stepper Motor can achieve five times the speed of comparable motors. Combined with a gearhead reduction of 100:1, it supplies a torque of 5 Nm. With a diameter of just 1.26 in. (32 mm), it is well suited for application in areas such as aerospace, laboratory automation, large optical systems, the semiconductor industry, robotics, and 3D printing.


This stepper motor features low inertia, performs 48 steps per revolution, and offers a high holding torque of 85mNm. It can be used in applications that require very fast acceleration and fast changes of direction.


Newly developed large ball bearings further extend the already long service life of this motor type. The motor can also be combined with an IE3 magnetic encoder.


  • Diameter: 1.26 in. (32 mm)
  • Length: 1.65 in. (42 mm)
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