Application Chucks Address a Wide Range of Workholding Issues


Dillon Manufacturing presents its full line of chucks for various workholding applications. Application chucks such as the universal ball lock power chuck can grip the ID or OD of castings or forgings and have jaws that pivot up to 5-deg. for a firm grip on uneven surfaces. 


Inside or outside draw down chucks, which are sealed to prevent chips and coolant from entering the chuck body, pull the workpiece down to location for superior accuracy, especially on parallel and perpendicular surfaces.


Auto-indexing chucks, with positions of 4 x 90-deg. or 8 x 45-deg., machine multiple surfaces in a single clamping. 


Retractable jaw shaft chucks, which machine shafts in a single clamping operation, allow jaws and face drivers to be changes so that different shaft sizes can be machined.


Additional Application Chucks available include inside or outside pin arbor chucks, inside clamping mandrels, outside collet chucks, diaphragm chucks, gear chucks, finger chucks, compensating chucks, and aluminum wheel chucks. 

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