AR Tech Support Platform


TeamViewer Pilot is now integrated with RealWear Wearable Headsets, Vuzix, and Epson smart glasses. TeamViewer Pilot expands the power of remote assistance software beyond IT support into the real world through augmented reality (AR) and enables experts to remotely guide users through complex operations via live camera-sharing, voice, and on-screen annotations.


Organizations will benefit from faster problem resolution, reduced downtime and travel costs, and improved oversight promoting safer work environments.


Experts in centralized support organizations can use a computer or smart mobile device to virtually be transported to the field and see what field workers are seeing through headsets and smart glasses in real-time. They can then make AR annotations with guiding arrows, free-hand drawing, sequence guidance, and more, right on top of objects in the field of view of the onsite worker. Experts can connect and collaborate in seconds, no matter where the field employee is located—either through headsets and smart glasses or just by using a handheld smartphone or tablet.

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