Artec Ray II 3D Scanner Creates Digital Twins


The Artec Ray II is a high-precision 3D LiDAR scanner designed for the digitization of large objects and spaces with speed and accuracy. It can capture a full dome in under 2 min and at a 3D point accuracy of 0.1 in. (2 mm) from 33 ft (10 m) away making it ideal for creating digital twins of large-scale objects and complex scenes.


In addition to its speed, the scanner features automated targetless field registration, real-time scan alignment, and a double-scan feature for the automatic deletion of moving objects. With its touchscreen and mobile device interface, and IP54 protection, the Artec Ray II is a user-friendly solution ready for indoor and outdoor use.


When paired with Artec Leo, the Ray II is ideal for creating digital twins of objects, from wind turbines to ship propellers, from airplanes to bridges to factory floors, and even complex forensic scenes and archaeological sites.


The Artec Ray II comes with four batteries and a charger. The scanner operates with two batteries at a time, which can be hot-swapped with the other two without powering off.


  • Capture a full dome at highest resolution in 1.7 min
  • Expect data with an uncompromised 3D point accuracy of 0.1 in. from 33 ft away (2 mm from 10 m away)
  • No details missed at a resolution of 0.1 in. at 33 ft away (3 mm at 10 m)
 3D Point Accuracy @ 33 ft (10 m) 0.1 in. (2 mm)
 3D Point Accuracy @ 66 ft (20 m) 0.1 in. (3 mm)
 3D Point Accuracy @ 131 ft (40 m) 0.2 in. (5.3 mm)
 Angular Accuracy 0.9 mm @ 10 m
 Range Accuracy 1 mm + 10 ppm
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